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Like any other equipments, the key in deciding which is the Best Electric Smoker for you is on determining which provides the most number of benefits worth your money.
When the idea of the best electric smoker was realized, it was automatically a big hit. Not just for BBQ lovers out there, but for foodies that appreciate the convenience of having to cook their own juicy smoked sausages, pork, beef and turkey, without breaking a sweat. True to its promise, the best electric smokers offer all this, plus more. Our needs and wants of certain equipment, like this, vary though. So it is highly important to know the specifics.
But before anything else, if you’re just starting on smoking or probably giving it a thought, you may want to know on the basics of smoking.

What is Smoking and it's different kinds?
Smoking is cooking and flavoring all kinds of meat over smoke produced by various kinds of materials like wood and gas. With new models though, even vegetables and nuts can be cooked in it.
Majority started smoking using wood or charcoal while some have or are still using propane to get the flame needed to cook their meat.
Electric smokers, however, is the result of modernization and like other new-generation inventions, it is bent on giving ease to its users while still achieving the same result as earlier-made products. Below are the just three of the top electric smokers you can consider, which may vary in price, but have proven to be chief choices of smokers.

Types of product Best Electric Smoker
Over time too, so many models of electric smokers have been launched but basically, there are two types of electric smokers:

The vertical smoker or electric water smoker:
This is relatively known for starter smokers or those on their first try in using an electric smoker as it is the more inexpensive kind. However, you may want to consider on the other type of best electric smoker if you plan to enjoy your smoked fish even during winter as the vertical smoker is best used on a warm weather since it does not have a temperature control (one of the considered major worries) and would partly depend on the hot weather for it to really heat up. You can identify vertical smokers through the vertical electrical smokers at the base of the smoker. Most of vertical smokers are shaped like trashbins or r2-d2 of Star Wars.

The electric cabinet smoker:
In the true sense of its label, electric cabinet smokers really do look like small cabinets or you can even mistake it for a refrigerator. But contrary to the latter which is where we cool things, this type of electric smoker is highly popular to smokers because of its temperature control feature. While it’s more expensive than the vertical smoker, the best electric smokers now are of this type. But no matter what new model or type of smoker they come up with and what recipe they share for the best food cooked through smoking, it still boils down to which smoker keeps or generates the most smoke because really, the best ingredient when smoking is smoke.

Electric over charcoal?
The top electric smokers are popular for its two C’s- Convenience and Cost.

Customer benefit when using the best electric smoker
All in one
  • Electric smokers, particularly the top rated electric smokers, are what they call the “set it and forget it” equipment. Meaning, you prep the meat, put it in the electric smoker, set it and go to work. When you come back from a tiring day, voila! Delicious smoked meat. The best electric smokers give you the convenience of not having to check if the temperature is too hot or not because mostly, the temperature remains the same due to its thermostat which makes sure that the temperature is just right. The older type of electric smokers have the rheostat as a control temperature system. It is different from the thermostat since the rheostat decrease the capacity to adjust temperature.
  • Electric smoker are best for those who live in closed apartments and flats where charbroiled-kind of cooking or cooking your steak over live fire is not allowed. Although some say nothing beats cooking over open fire and having to smell the smoke from a live BBQ, the best electric smokers are better than nothing and really, you don’t have to do that much.
  • Most of the top best electric smokers sold right now have two to four racks where you can put the food and most of these smokers can accommodate pounds and pounds of meat, fish and chicken all at the same time. Compared to your regular grill which can only have a few hotdogs at a time, this would certainly save you the time and effort.
  • As compared to charcoaled-grills, electric smokers, specifically the top electric smokers, are more convenient since you can adjust the temperature on how low or high you need it to be.
  • Since you don’t have to work with fuel as compared to the traditional way of smoking, this is a much more safe way of getting those BBQs done. Just put in mind that since these are electrically-run, you should shield it away from too much heat or water, like how you protect your other gadgets in the house. Most of electrical smokers sold right now have covers with it or sold separately.
  • Imagine having to bring those traditional racks plus wood to your neighbor’s house for an afternoon BBQ. Some of the best electrical smokers are very portable and easy to bring around.
  • Grilling without smoke? Now isn’t that convenient. When smoking over charcoal or gas, neighbors can get pissed. Not because you’re not sharing the food your grilling but because smoke from charcoal or propane can be unappealing and unhealthy. Plus, electric smoking over gas or charcoal smoking can be an added help to Mother Nature too.
  • I have found at least five reviews in just an hour which stated that they were not just new smokers, but really new to the world of cooking. One could just imagine the fright their felt when having to use an odd-looking smoker (as compared to the recognizable open grills) to make their first turkey or rib. But to their and our surprise, they said everything went well and everyone that ate their smoked-dish though they were chefs.
  • For the top-rated electric smokers that provide the capacity to change the temperature, it is a breath of fresh air for those used to charcoal-grilling since changing the temperature gives you the convenience of cooking your meat on a low temperature. This makes it possible to cook your sausages and hotdogs which is usually burnt when you cook it over the live fire.
Cost of Best electric Smoker:
  • While you spend a rather higher one-time, big-time amount when you purchase top rated electric smokers, you get to save in the long run since most of the electric smokers don’t need that much bisquettes or would not need any at all, not to mention gas you use when driving to get that bag of bisquettes. Another thing, if you use propane-run smokers, LPG would definitely cost you much higher than electricity. Majority of the top electric smokers are very durable and last long even if you use it for numerous times so it would be a good investment for your money. Rather than spending it every night in a restaurant to eat your favorite spare ribs, a good electric smoker would save you more in the long run.
  • Whether it’s for your personal use or you would want to put up a business on smoked food, electric smokers are definitely must-haves. The best electric smokers out there are power-savers too which means you only have to spend a few cents for hours of cooking meat.
Short Review:
Going through hundreds of feedback and best electric smoker reviews and conducting exhaustive researches on the best electric smoker led me to these three top electric smokers that differ in features which would be best for those who, like me, are researching too on the best electric smoker to get.

Masterbuilt Electric Smoker

If you go through a dozen of the best electric smoker reviews, you would see Masterbuiltpractically in all lists as it has, if not perfected, continually improved by the years their smoker models. With four steel-wiredracks that can fit generous slices of meat of at least up to 30 pounds, you would be assured that every bit and part is cooked as it is well-insulated and heated.
While it is an electric type cabinet smoker which we mentioned is a bit pricier than the other kind, the Masterbuilt Electric Smoker is lower-priced compared to its counterparts.
The newer models has a 24-hour timer with a temperature range of up to 275 degrees F and works on 4320 cubic inches of internal smoking space and an 800 watt electric heating element.Plus, and it’s a good plus, Masterbuilt is a company known for exceptional customer service and year after year, they have been praised by customers for having product-related concerns fixed, ASAP.

Brinkmann Gourmet Smoker and Grill

This is one of the very popular vertical types of best electric smoker. For a very affordable price, you get a simple and sleek-designed smoker that works pretty well and can have you cooking at least 50 pounds of meat at once in two-chrome plated steel.
The best thing about it is it’s size-it’s small enough to fit in your car’s trunk and bring to a friend’s house for a BBQ party and with all the talking you’d be doing at that party, you can just “set it and forget it”, for a particular time though since it doesn’t have a feature to adjust temperature. Also, you would have to have that party during the summer though so this smoker can get all fired up to its highest level.
The Brinkmann is 15-1/2 inches and has a 189 square inch cooking space. It also has a water pan that helps in keeping the food from frying up.

Bradley Smokers Original Smoker

In some electric smoker reviews, the Bradley Smokers Original Smoker has been tagged as one of the best electric smoker in the market. While it is a bit more pricey than the other smokers plus appropriate bisquettes to be used on it can be a bit more expensive, this thermostatically-controlled smoker is known for its efficiency and user-friendly features that makes the expense a trivial concern.
If today you want to hot-smoke pounds of meat and tomorrow your taste buds ask for cold-smoked fish, it won’t be a problem with this mean machine. This perfectly sets an example for the supposed “set it and forget it” idea of electric smokers. As it an electrically-run equipment, one may think that cleaning and washing it can be tricky and precarious. But the Bradley Smokers Original Smoker is also popular because its removable side panel makes it hassle-free to clean.
Bradley is also another great company that gives importance to first-rate customer service and based on the electric smoker reviews, customers were amply pleased with how service representatives dealt with them.

With more innovations taking over, one would not wonder what man would be able to invent and introduce to the world the next day. But regardless of its concept, the best innovations that have been a hit with the public are those that offer the most convenience to its users.
Smokers have long been used, not just for BBQs, but generally to cook since early on, they never really that much of a choice. Over the years though, the method of smoking food has vastly expanded, thus the popularity of electric smokers.
Apart from the three electric smokers mentioned here, there are so many others in the store that will confuse you when you finally decide to get that best electric smoker. But with the information here on electrical smokers and other electrical smoker reviews you might stumble upon on your research, we’re sure you would be able to get the best electric smoker that suits your needs.
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