Bradley Smokers Original Smoker

Getting your money’s worth with the equipment that you buy is one of the most important things that you should always keep in mind, and with Bradley Smokers Original Smoker being a top choice among products of its kind, there is no doubt that such investment is worth your every penny. Bradley Technologies has been known for creating topnotch electric smokers, and with the creation of such product line paving their way to fame, this particular electric smoker is not an option that you could easily set aside.

Customer Benefit:
You could count on smoke produced from gas, wood, and other materials creating that exact smoky flavor that you want, but if you would have to choose between the traditional grill and an electric smoker, the answer should be obvious. Having to smoke meat, fish, and other kinds of food without the need to care much about things like constantly putting wood and checking whether they are already done or not could be achieved if you are to opt for an electric smoker such as the Bradley Smokers Original Smoker rather than your old-school open grill.
The end-result using both pieces of equipment is meat that is juicy and tender, with that smoky taste. However, with the electric smoker, you just set it, forget it, and come back once your food is already done cooking.
With this being one of its greatest benefits, you could enjoy smoked chicken, fish, and other stuff after work. You just need to prepare your food, place them inside your smoker, and go to your office. Once you’ve arrived home, you could then delve into an appetizing smoked dish that you’ve prepared.
As far as the flavor is concerned, what you could do with the Bradley Smokers Original Smoker is almost only limited to your imagination. This is because of the bisquettes, which will be described more in detail later on. These are circular wood pucks that are placed inside a part of the smoker to give that special flavor. The thing is, there are a variety of flavors that you could choose from, which is quite neat.
Safety also comes as a huge part of why such electric smoker proves to be a tad bit superior to the classic grill. Such equipment will not require the use of fuel; it is entirely dependent on electricity for grilling or smoking. The only thing to bear in mind is to consider this an electrical appliance, so you keep water away from it.

Features of Bradley Smokers Original Smoker:
  • The Bradley Smokers Original Smoker may be a bit on the expensive side as compared to other smokers of its kind, but given the features it has, the cost has not been an issue with most of its consumers.
  • The electric smoker includes a 500W heating element and 125W smoking element.
  • The use of bisquettes allow for experimentation with the flavor you want for your smoked food. The unit has a cylinder-shaped smoke generator on its side where you place these bisquettes. You could compare these bisquettes to compressed sawdust in disk shape. There are a wide array of flavors to choose from, which includes mesquite, hickory, pecan, alder, and apple. They burn for roughly 20 minutes. What’s great with these bisquettes is that you could burn more than 1 type of these, allowing for a more flavorful meat or whatever it is you’ve prepared.
  • The electric smoker is made with extra-large feet in the front. This allows for better stability and added support.
  • It also features 4 racks with a support for holding them in place, thus preventing them from easily tipping over if you pull them out.
Pros and Cons:
Pros of Bradley Smokers Original Smoker:
It can’t be stressed enough that the best feature that the Bradley Smokers Original Smoker offers is the versatility it provides with creating the flavor you want for your smoked goods. With more than a handful of choices for flavor, you can smoke your meat or fish the way and have the exact taste you want through a little bit of experimentation, something that certainly suits the most enthusiastic of BBQ lovers.
Furthermore, the smoker cooks wood to charcoal, not ash. This simply means that you could get that smoky taste without the bitterness that is naturally acquired from the wood’s resins and tars.
Because of the removable side panel that is included with the smoker, it makes it very easy to maintain and clean the generator.
Assembling the whole electric smoker is very simple. It would only require 20 minutes of your time to completely finish bringing it altogether.
There is an easy-to-understand user guide for beginners, as well as a book full of great recipes to get things started.

The smoker is built with a thermometer, although there is no thermostat, and according to a number of consumers, the thermometer isn’t that accurate. However, a digital thermometer easily resolves this tiny issue.
In a few Bradley Smoker reviews, some people experienced issues with the bisquettes getting stuck with the unit’s feed tube. On the contrary, the manufacturer made sure to quickly fix things like this up through a user forum, where their staff are active as always.
Some individuals fear the company manufacturing the smoker getting out of business, since the bisquettes could only be bought from them. On the bright side, given the reputation of Bradley Technologies, this is something that won’t happen in a very near future, and consumers might even want to look forward for some innovations from the product line given how well such feature has become a hit to a majority of the satisfied customers.

At around $350, I certainly find the Bradley Smokers Original Smoker a bit expensive. In addition, the idea of having this piece of equipment for starters may not be as practical as one would imagine. But you can absolutely count on these being very minor inconveniences. The fact that you could have the exact flavor that you desire for your smoked food makes the Bradley Smokers Original Smoker a great choice for an electric smoker, which is emphasized a lot in many Bradley Smoker Original Smoker reviews online. More over, with the option of being a slow roasting oven and slow cooker with its ambient minimum temperature, you couldn’t ask for more functionality from this specific brand of electric smoker.
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