Smoke Hollow 30162E Electric Smoker

Smoke Hollow 30162E electric smoker is a product of The Smoker Company, which has been in the industry for over 7 years now and has already established a name for their company.
They specialize in cabinet style smokers that is perfect for your smoking needs. May it be fish, pork, chicken or beef, this electric smoker is another unit to check out. Many of their customers were attracted to this unit because of its simple design and elegant design and as well as it’s one of the best and the easiest units to operate.
Everyone would want to be able to get their money’s worth with the smoker that they will choose and this is, along with all the other important feature of the product is what we will look into this model. We would want to be sure that we are able to serve as one of the best electric smoker review for consumers like ourselves especially in choosing the best electric smoker for you and your family.

Customer benefit
Before the advancement of science and technology, people used traditional methods for smoking meat products. The traditional methods required constant monitoring and took more time. A person has to constantly place wood and keep an eye on the cooking process until the meal is ready. In the modern world, where people suffer from time related constraints, the traditional methods are not suitable. For women who have to attend offices, the electric smokers are a better option as they don’t require constant monitoring. You have to place the food inside the smoker and follow the required instructions. The food will be cooked automatically. You can even leave the food in the smoker and go to office or for shopping. When you will come back, the food will be ready and you can have it whenever you desire.
Many people are of the opinion that the meat cooked from traditional methods is more delicious than the meat cooked from electric smokers. This is only a misconception. Infact the meat prepared in electric smokers is extremely delectable. It is not possible to prepare meat which is more juicy and soft by any other means. The meat smoked using traditional methods doesn’t contain the tars and resins left by burning wood as they are run by electricity. So you will not find the bitterness of wood in the meat cooked in electric smokers in comparison to the one prepared by traditional methods. The electric smokers also offer the option of adding different flavors to your meal. The most commonly offered flavors are pecan, alder, mesquite, hickory and apple.
These best electric smokers are also more customer friendly in terms of safety as they are run by electricity. The only thing that the user needs to be careful about is keeping these electric smokers away from water.

Features Of Smoke Hollow 30162E Electric Smoker
  • The Smoker Hollow 30162E Electric Smokers are economically priced and are an excellent option fort homes and eateries. They can be used for cooking delicious meat and vegetable meals. Below mentioned are some of the important features of these smokers:
  • These smokers contain a painted-steel wood-chip box and a steel water pan coated with porcelain.
  • There are two cooking grids inside these smokers.
  • You have the option of using three temperature settings for adjusting the required temperature.
  • A magnetic door-latching system will ensure that the smokers cannot be opened by anyone except the user.
  • These best electric smokers are extremely easy to assemble and all the instructions related to the usage are given in the user manual.
  • Transporting these smokers from one place to another is a simple task. Two side handles have been specially created to offer assistance for this purpose
  • The dimensions of these electric smokers are 16 by 14 by 30 inches.
  • These smokers are easily adjustable with more than one adjustment level.
  • The temperature range offered by cooking in the electric smokers ranges from100 to 250 degrees.
  • Bisquettes containing various flavors like mesquite, hickory, pecan, alder, and apple have been installed inside these smokers. A consumer has the option of adding one or more flavors to his meal at a time.
Pros and Cons:
Pros Of Smoke Hollow 30162E Electric Smoker
With a price of $199.99, Smoke Hollow 30162E Electric Smokers are much cheaper than some of the other smokers. Despite their lesser price, they offer most of the features that are offered by the other smokers.
The meat or vegetable products cooked by these smokers are absolutely lip smacking. They don’t contain the flavor of the burnt wood that you find in the food smoked by traditional methods. Infact, you have the option of adding additional flavors to your meal through bisquettes. A user guide containing various recipes is also mentioned.
These best electric smokers are extremely easy to use, as all the instructions are available in the user manual. In order to start the cooking process only up to15-20 minutes are required. In case of any queries you can use the costumer service number to contact the company staff and find a solution to your problem.

Cons Of Smoke Hollow 30162E
Many consumers have raised the issue that the thermometers installed inside the smokers display wrong temperatures. The ideal solution suggested for this problem is the usage of digital thermometers.
Many users have also requested for more information regarding usage and different recipes to be mentioned in the user manual. Such information could prove to be extremely useful especially for new clients.
Many complaints related to bisquettes which provide the flavors getting jammed in the feed tube have been brought to notice. In order to solve such a problem the aid of customer support service could be taken.

If you are a gourmet individual then Smoke Hollow 30162E Electric Smokers are an excellent option for you. The excellent features offered by these smokers make cooking smoked meat an extremely simple process. By just spending $199.99, you can enjoy delicious barbeque at your home. These smokers can also help restaurant owners in enhancing their client base. A few minor issues like flavors getting stuck inside the feed tube and wrong temperatures being displayed by thermometers have been raised by clients. But all these issues can be sorted out by taking the assistance of customer support services.
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